[VIDEO] Youth Hantam Taxi Driver at Changi Village!

Not easy being a taxi driver nowadays. Besides having to look out for traffic mata and LTA Feng Fei Fei, these road warriors have to contend with an increasing “kena hantam by youngsters” trend.

In this latest incident, eyewitness Channa Desu spotted a group of youngsters attacking a taxi driver at Changi Village over the weekend.

Said Channa:

“This started at around midnight at changi village, the taxi driver was about to pick 4 passangers,they talked to the drivers for abit then walked away to dispose their beer bottles and then entered the taxi. After moving for not futher than a few meters, 3 alighted while 1 remained in the car.

The driver came out of the car and i believe was dailing some numbers on his phone.when one of the guy in black, punched the driver in the eye. Although he shouted for help no one approached the conflict, they walked away in a fast pace while trying to hail another cab, fortunately ,there was no other cab around while Ignoring what his friend had done. The driver than yelled at them not to run and that the police have been called.

The 3 man approached the driver , the white shirt continuously poked him in the chest in a very provoking manner while the other 2 got closer to him. Athough he backed away,they continued to got close to him. I believe he was defending himself by pushing him away, causing the man to fall. He then got up and elbowed the driver in the neck while the other 2 surrounded him as shown in the video.

One of the guy wearing a black shirt, ran away when the police arrived, although the taxi driver pointed in the direction of the man who was running away and was still clearly visible, no chase was done.”

Channa has urged taxi drivers to be careful on the road.





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