Singaporean Man’s Slain Vietnam Lover was Suffocated and Vomited Blood; Break Up was on the Cards

The sister of the Vietnamese woman who was allegedly killed by her Singaporean boyfriend believes that she was strangled to death.

This comes after autopsy results showed that the 24-year-old, Huyen, vomited blood and was suffocated.

Huyen also suffered bruises on her head, neck and wrists, which suggests a struggle with her killer.

Huyen’s sister revealed that she had wanted to break up several times with her boyfriend, Chia.

She said that he had asked Huyen to commit to a serious relationship, but she refused as she didn’t trust him and felt he was hiding things from her.

She said the couple would fight often.

One reason was Chia’s supposed “possessiveness”.

She said Chia wouldn’t let her find a job, and would hound her daily with a constant stream of text messages and calls because he was worried she might start a relationship with another man.

She claims that Chia had threatened her sister, saying “If you don’t love me, I won’t let you off”.

Huyen was found dead in a Hanoi hotel room booked by Chia 4 days ago.

The lovers would meet once a month, when Chia would fly to Vietnam to see her.

Chia is allegedly the last person to have made contact with Huyen.

He was nowhere to be found when hotel staff opened the hotel room and discovered her lifeless body.

Huyen’s family and friends are trying to track down Chia.




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