Was Amos Yee’s Asylum Plea an Attempt to Dodge National Service?

He’s been granted asylum… unless US Homeland Security manages to overturn the court order.

But there’s been speculation that Amos Yee’s whole asylum plea was a ruse to dodge National Service.

Now 18, he’s due to serve NS just like every other Singaporean male.

But it seems that he played his cards right to give that a miss.

Yee ended his latest jail term in Nov 2016, and about 3 week later he flew to the US to seek asylum.

Ironically, he spent more time in a US jail than Singapore prison while waiting for the court to rule on his bid.

Looking back at Yee’s posts in 2015,

He made these 2 videos on how to dodge NS (now they’ve been made private).

redwire singapore amos yee ns

redwire singapore amos yee ns 2

And then there’s the “bucket list”:

redwire singapore amos yee ns 3
Yee also posted this screenshot of his NS registration with this accompanying text:

“First the video ‘Lee Kuan Yew is Finally Dead’… was scathing in its criticism of not just Yew (LKY) but of the Singapore regime in general.

Second, religion was only tangential to the video. The video is almost entirely about Yew (LKY) and Singapore, and its discussions of religion were only used to make a point about Yee’s dismal opinion of Yew.

Third, the public response to the video was entirely about its criticism of Yew (LKY), not about its offense to religion.

Fourth, the evidence presented showed that Yee’s prison sentence was unusually long and harsh, especially for a young offender.

Fifth, the terms of Yee’s pre-trial release prohibited him from posting to social media. These restrictions were also highly unusual and restrictive and served the main purpose to silence Yee’s criticism of the government.

Sixth, other people who made disparaging comments about religions but who were not similarly critical of the Singapore regime avoided prosecution. These include Calvin Cheng and Jason Neo… Both made comments critical of Islam, equating Muslims with terrorists. Neither was charged.

Seventh, regarding the obscenity charge related to the line drawing, many more-explicit pictures are available to the Singapore public and do not result in prosecutions. But this particular drawing had the face of Yew (LKY) superimposed on one of the figures…. This again raises the inference that the prosecution was politically motivated.

Eighth… this is the modus operandi for the Singapore regime – critics of the government are silenced by civil suit for defamation or criminal prosecutions.”

So, was this whole US asylum bid a ploy by Yee to get out of conscription?



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