Watch out Uber and Grab Private-Hire Drivers, the Public is Watching and Waiting to Sabo You!


Private-hire drivers, like anyone else, are just trying to make a living so they can spend it on beer and hot babes like we do.

But they’ve got to be careful because it’s not just taxi drivers who are trying to sabo them – even the public wants a piece of the action.

Like Jack, who shared a picture of one private-hire driver who appears to have covered up his PHV decal.

Jack stopped short of revealing the PHV driver’s car number, or else the driver could be in deep trouble with the LTA.

It’s an offence to mask or refuse to display the decal identifying a PHC driver’s cars as a private-hire car.

Just yesterday, the LTA released figures stating that 23 PHV drivers have been nabbed for those reasons stated.


Taxi firms have taken the war to PHV drivers, asking taxi uncles to report PHV drivers who pick up passengers at taxi stands.

It seems to be working, because the number of PHV drivers nabbed for that offence has jumped by close to 3 times, with 51 PHV drivers nabbed in Jan this year and 131 PHV drivers nabbed in Jul.

So PHV drivers, making a living is important, but follow the rules because there are people waiting for a chance to break your rice bowl.



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