Watch out for Paypal Email and Multiple Online Purchases Scams, Singapore!

Gives a new meaning to "keyboard warrior"

Gives a new meaning to “keyboard warrior”

“Not everything seen on the Web is true and people online may not be who they appear to be.” That was the warning issued by Police Assistant Commissioner (AC) Melvin Yong, who’s also Director of the police Public Affairs Dept.

This comes after 504 cases of e-commerce cheating were reported this year — a spike of 425 percent from 2013. Two types of scams, in particular, saw significant increases: the PayPal Email Scam, and the Multiple Payment Online Purchase Scam.

The Multiple Payment Online Purchase Scam saw a 2,223 per cent increase, with 302 cases reported in the first half of 2014.

The Paypal Email Scam saw a 775 per

cent rise to 31 cases.

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