Weight-Loss Products Found to Contain Dangerous Levels of Banned Chemical

The Health Science Authority has stopped the sale of Anyang Herbal Blue and Anyang Herbal Red after 2 weight-loss products were found to contain “dangerously high levels” of the banned substance sibutramin.

This comes after complaints from consumers, who say they experienced experiencing hallucinations, hearing voices and breathlessness from using the weight-loss pills.

The HSA said that one woman in her late 20s complained of heart palpitations, nausea, trembling of hands and legs, sweating, insomnia and illusions after consuming Anyang Herbal Blue.

Sibutramine was previously available as a prescription-only weight loss drug but was withdrawn from Singapore since 2010, due to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Other possible serious adverse effects include high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, hallucinations and mood swings.

Going by information stated on the lables of the products, a consumer would be consuming as much as 8 times the maximum allowable amount of sibutramine per day.

The weight-loss pills were sold online and through direct selling by Jessie Cosmetics.

HSA has since stopped the sales of the products and is conducting investigations.



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