“What the Fish? Neighbour’s Curry Fish Slices Fall on My Laundry!”

It appeared to be a morning like any other, but something smelt fishy to Madam Yip.

It was only after she looked out her kitchen window that she realised why – a raw marinated curry fish slice had fallen on her laundry!

The trousers, shirts and underwear which she had hung out to dry were now stained with curry sauce and the stench of fish.

The 54-year-old housewife was furious – she had been putting up with this “falling fish” incidences for some time now.

Besides her 7th storey home, she noticed that laundry from the 4th and 2nd storey units were stained by curry fish slices.

“This isn’t the first time. Curry stains are very difficult to wash off. My clothes have also been stained with coffee and milo before too. This upstairs neighbour is too much already lah!”

Mdm Yip made a police report against her neighbour, who lives on the 8th floor of the Block 51, Chai Chee Street.

Apparently, her neighbour likes to marinate curry fish slices and leave them on the window ledge to soak.

But due to strong winds, the fish would fall sometimes.

When informed about the “falling fish”, the errant neighbour, Mr Bala, who stays with his wife, mother, sister and daughter, says he has apologised to his neighbours who were affected.

He said that besides Mdm Yip, other neighbours have accepted his apology.

He said he won’t be leaving marinated curry fish on the window ledge again to prevent a recurrence of such an incident.

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