Wife’s Nagging a Source of Marital Instability, say 46 Percent of Singaporean Men

A study by the Singapore Association for Counselling has found that 46 percent of Singaporean men find their wife’s nagging a source of marital instability.

Apparently, women don’t find their husband’s nagging that much of a concern, with bigger problems being frequent quarrels and a lack of communication.

As for the men, the biggest problem with their wives was a loss of love, and personality differences.

The study was conducted by Dr Jessica Leong, the SAC’s vice-president, who has counselled troubled marriages for over 15 years.

It involved a survey of 134 divorcees – 45 men and 89 women.

They were asked to answer questions regarding issues such as the indicators of marital instability, and trigger events that led to their divorce.

Another finding from the survey – adultery was the main reason for divorce for 25 percent of respondents.

Counsellors have advised couples to improve their communication skills, and recommended more educational outreach efforts to guide those who haven’t gotten married yet.

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