Woman Accuses Flasher of “Wiggling” His Man Bits at Her Near City Plaza

A woman has accused this man of wiggling his man bits at when when he walked past her along Guillemard Road.

The incident allegedly took place opposite City Plaza at about 8.10pm on Wednesday (25 Jul).

Said Daphne Xiao:

“Just got flashed by this dude in his full glory and he frigging wiggled that little twat at me as he walked past?! I only had time to give a withering, scathing and revolted stare down from top to toe and told him he is disgusting.”

Daphne says she snapped a photo of the alleged full-glory flasher after she “came to her senses” that she had just been flashed.

She has reported the matter to the police and warned ladies to be careful of such perverts.


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