Woman Accuses Golden Village Cinemas of being a Bug Hotbed, but Checks Turn Up No Bugs


A Golden Village cinema-goer (or ex-cinema-goer after this whole fiasco) has accused GV theatres of being a hotbed for bugs.

28-year-old Debra Low says she has been bitten twice by bugs when she patronised GV cinemas.

She claimed the latest biting incident took place on Friday (12 Aug) at the GV cinema in City Square Mall.

The first incident took place at the GV cinema in Junction 8 on 7 Aug.

Low lodged a complaint with GV, but was further angered when checks turned up no sign of bed bugs.

GV said that it carries out monthly pest control inspections in its cinemas.

It had blocked the chain of affected seats upon receiving Low’s complaint, but couldn’t find any bugs.

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Low said that her friends told her the “bites” might be an allergic reaction to dust and not really bites.

Still she has refused GV’s offer of a pair of complimentary tickets, saying she is unhappy with the way GV handled her complaint and is concerned with hygiene levels in GV cinemas.


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