Woman Almost Swallows Hook Found in Fish Head Curry during Son’s Birthday Dinner Celebration

It was her 4-year-old son’s birthday, so on Monday night Mdm Lim went to celebrate with dinner at a hawker centre at Block 628 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4.

One dish they ordered was curry fish head from a stall there.

Midway through the dinner, Mdm Lim was fishing in the bowl of curry when she heard a sort of metallic sound.

Looking closer, she realised that there was a fish hook in the curry fish head bowl.

“The hook looked new and it was sharp. I don’t dare to think what would happen if I had swallowed it. It’s terrifying!”

Mdm Lim was eating together with her son and friends who brought their own kids along too.

“Luckily the children didn’t eat the curry. If any of them swallowed the fish hook they could have died.”

But how did a hook end up in the fish head curry?

A friend of Mdm Lim who fishes said the hook looked like the type used to catch small fish.

He speculated that a bigger fish could have eaten the smaller fish, and that bigger fish was the one served to them.

That, he said, was how the hook could have ended up there.

Still, Mdm Lim says the stall workers should have noticed the hook when they were washing the fish.

She wants to remind the public to pay attention to their food when they are eating.



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