Woman Breaks Mom’s Nose Because She Wanted to Cancel Korean Drama Channel Subscription

She broke her mother’s nose, after hearing that her mother was planning to cancel the family’s subscription to a Korean drama channel on cable TV. For that, the Singapore Court ordered 24-year-old Narelle Olivia Phoon Rujun to be placed on 9 months supervised probation.

Ms Phoon is reportedly jobless and suffering from behavioural problems. One thing she loved to do though, was watch Korean dramas.

When she overheard her mother mentioning the possible cancellation, she exploded with rage. She warned her mother not to cancel the subscription. She then locked the door to the house, so that her father, who wasn’t at home, could not enter.

Ms Phoon then punched her mother twice, breaking her nose.

Her father managed to enter the flat and pin Ms Phoon down. The police arrived shortly after and arrested her.

The court didn’t reveal the Korean drama channel at the heart of the assault.

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