Woman Delays Scoot Flight for 2 Hours because She Refused to Check-In Overweight Carry-On Bags


Some 300 passengers on board a Scoot flight TR166 to Shenyang, China were delayed for 2 hours on Sunday (10 Sept) due to a passenger who refused to check-in her grossly overweight carry-on bags.

The woman, a 20-year-old student, brought 4 bags into the cabin with her.

One of her bags weighed 30kg – the max weight allowance for carry-on bags is 10kg  and you’re only supposed to bring a max of 2 bags on board.

Flight staff and even the plane captain tried to persuade the woman to check-in her bags but she stubbornly refused.

She also wouldn’t say what was in her luggage.

A passenger sitting near the student said she even yelled at an air stewardess who was tending to her at one point, saying “Okay I’m wrong. Can’t I be wrong?”

The air stewardess didn’t reply and walk away.

Said the passenger:

“Five minutes later, another air stewardess and a male staff un uniform told the female student to get off the plane. Then, there was an announcement over the public address system that a passenger had broken flight regulations and had to leave the plane, and there will be a delay as the police were called in.”

The woman was subsequently ejected from the plane.

The flight, which had been scheduled to leave at 2.45am finally got going at around 4.50am.



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