[VIDEO] Woman Accused of Dishonestly Taking Handphone from LiHo Stall Counter at Bugis Junction X Bugis+

A woman has been accusing of dishonestly taking a handphone left on the LiHO drinks stall counter top at Bugis Junction X Bugis+.

Denise Neo said that she had left her phone on the counter to order drinks, then later discovered her handphone was missing.

The LiHO stall manager checked the CCTV footage and that’s when Denise discovered that the customer queuing behind her had taken the handphone from the counter and put it in her bag.

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Said Denise:

“Hi everyone, today is an extremely sad day as my OPPO R7s (Rose Gold) phone (in a black phone casing wallet) got stolen at Bugis Junction X Bugis+ LiHO Singapore and will be uncontactable for a long while.

(IMEI1: 867934028058933 / IMEI2: 867934028058925)

As most of you know that Hp now plays a huge part in everyone’s life, so is mine. Inside contains my IC, debit cards (which I have already called the bank to terminate), ezlink card and many more.

Many asked, how did I lose my phone? Well.. I was ordering my drink at 1715hrs with my bf & girl friend, while making payment I placed my hp on the counter and forgotten about it and only realize it after 2-3mins. (Anna) – Liho manager took a while to look through the CCTV footage on her hp and they manage to find the culprit shown in the photo. Thank you, Anna, so much for the assistance and trouble to look through the footage!”

(the blink-and-you-miss-it moment at 01:30)

“This lady was queuing behind me and took my hp instead of returning it to me when I was just right there. Talk about integrity. If anyone knows her please let me know. Help share pls! Phone last located at Bukit Panjang area – Chestnut Ave.”

Denise is seeking help from anyone who reads this to return her handphone if they come across it or report its whereabouts to the police.

Taking something that don’t belong to you, kids, is a crime.

Especially when you refuse to return it knowing it belongs to someone else who is looking for it!

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