Woman Finds Spycam Pen in Changing Room, Store Assistant Wanted to Sell Sex Videos

This young Malaysian lady, Doreen, got a rude shock while shopping in Singapore.

She  was in a changing room of shopping mall store and just about to take off her clothes when she saw a pen on the changing room counter.

Picking it up, Doreen felt that the pen was warm.

She took a closer look and spotted a camera lens on the pen.

Opening it up, she found a memory card.

That’s when Doreen realised that she had almost become a victim of voyeuristic sex perverts who film women in various states of undress while using the changing room.

“I was very frightened. I quickly adjusted my clothes and took the pen with me to go and make a police report.”

But as soon as she left the changing room, the store’s male assistant stopped her – he was the only assistant in the store that day.

Doreen said the store assistant pleaded with her to return the spycam pen.

He said that he only intended to film her changing so he could earn money to pay off debts he owed.

That made Doreen even more furious and she refused.

The two then got into a scuffle and Doreen found herself flung to the floor as the male store assistant tried to get his spycam pen back.

“Even when I screamed for help loudly, he wasn’t scared. He wouldn’t stop.”

When a woman walked past the store, the male store assistant even shouted to her for help, saying that Doreen had stolen something from the store.

The male store assistant subsequently managed to wrest the spycam pen from Doreen.

By that time, Doreen had suffered bruises on her body.

She left the store and made a police report.

Doreen says she has read news reports about such perverts who prey on women in changing rooms, but never expected that she’d be a victim one day.

She has warned other women to be careful and check their surroundings when they use changing rooms.

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