Woman Flying from Singapore to Philippines Finds Money Missing from Her Locked Check-In Luggage


Beware travellers, even a lock on your luggage might not be enough to secure it from thieves.

Jho Cabagyo had taken a flight to Manila from Singapore with a friend to visit her mother on her 60th birthday.

She said that she and her friend had checked-in 4 suitcases with Philippine Airline.

Upon reaching the Manila airport, Jho said 1 of her bags took an extra 10 minutes to reach the luggage belt while her other 3 suitcases had already arrived.

Checking the suitcase, she found that the lock used to secure it was missing.

Jho went through the suitcase and found that several thousand pesos which she had kept inside it had gone missing.

She said that she brought the matter to the attention of Philippine airline staff, but they only tended to her concerns after she threatened to go public with the incident.

A check on CCTV footage yielded no results as to where the money had gone.

Philippine Airline staff said they will investigate the matter.

Jho said that another passenger on the flight also found her luggage opened and valuables lost.

It’s better to be safe than sorry – keep your cash in your underwear (or anyone else where no one will swipe it lah. We don’t change underwear so that’s the safest place).



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