Woman Makes this Startling Find in Her Pipe when Toilet Bowl Water Flushed back on the Floor

When Mdm Luo changed the toilet bowl of her HDB flat 2 weeks ago, she didn’t expect that water would come pouring out of it and back onto the toilet floor whenever she flushed.

The 43-year-old human resource manager called a plumber, who couldn’t seem to figure out what the problem was – the piping was fine and the toilet bowl was installed correctly.

The plumber then went to the unit above hers to check the pipe.

That’s when he found this disgusting black clump inside the pipe leading down to Mdm Luo’s unit.

It looked something like a tortoise shell, so Mdm Luo called the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES).

She was hoping that if it indeed was a tortoise, the animal experts could save it.

When ACRES personnel got there, they confirmed that indeed a tortoise was causing the blockage.

However, its body was blackened and so badly decomposed it could have been mistaken for a clump of hair and phlegm if not for the shell.

All credit to Mother Nature though, at least she built shells that were really durable!

The shell was trapped and attempts to dislodge it were unsuccessful.

It caused a blockage because it was about 9cm in width while the pipe was about 10cm in width.

Since the tortoise was dead, Mdm Luo decided to let nature take its course and hope that eventually dislodge the shell.

ACRES has advised families with dead tortoises (or even live ones for that matter) not to flush them down the toilet.

It might appear like the stuff of melancholic movies, but don’t do that in Singapore otherwise your neighbor a couple of floors down might get sh*t water all over the bathroom floor!



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