Woman Parks Car in front of Shop, Man Believed to be Shop Owner Rips Off Her Window Wiper


Don’t suka suka park in front of people’s shop!

A woman who did just that at a shop in the Premier@Kaki Bukit building got the shock of her life to return and find her rear window wiper ripped off.

She said that when she went to the building, she had difficulty finding a parking lot so her car dealer told her to park anywhere where there was space.

She finally parked in front of shop unit #04-48 because she saw no company name or sign and thought it was abandoned.

She later discovered that her rear window wiper had been ripped off, and when reviewing her dashcam footage, spotted a man who she believes is the owner of #04-48 pointing at her car in an annoyed manner.

The man then approached the car, ripped off the wiper and walked away.

The driver feels wronged by the man’s actions.

She said that she even pasted a post-it note with her name and handphone number on her car in case it was blocking the way and needed to be moved.



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