Woman who Claimed 4 Leaves Bun Contained Maggots Goes into Hiding

It looks like Ivy Yeo has discovered that going viral online isn’t all its cracked up to be.

Two days ago, she put up a post on Facebook, with videos attached, claiming that a sausage bun she bought from a 4 Leaves bakery in Hougang Mall contained maggots.

In her post, she directed a “I am never going to forgive you!” statement at 4 Leaves.

Apparently angling for “online outrage”, Yeo said her son almost ate the bun.

This is what Yeo’s Facebook page (above), which has been made private, looks like now after the now removed post was shared some 12,000 times.

4 Leaves has been around in Singapore since 1981 and has since expanded to 28 bakery outlets around Singapore.

Checks by the NEA and by 4 Leaves have failed to find the source of the maggots, nor any hygiene lapses.

Said the NEA:

“Our investigations have shown that there were no hygiene lapses found in the handling and preparation of the sausage buns and the premises were well maintained with no evidence of pests.”

Four Leaves director Koji Tanabe said that after receiving the complaint, the chain had stopped selling all products containing sausages in all their outlets.

He added:

“Any unsold buns will be thrown away or donated on the same baking day.”

Maggots don’t sprout overnight, just as this Facebook “online outrage” commentator said:

It’s unclear under what conditions Yeo kept the bun before feeding it to her child.


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