Workers’ Union Deeply Concerned as SPH Went Behind Its Backs to Cut Staff

When the Creative Media and Publishing Union (CMPU) first saw the news online about a 10 percent staff cut, members hurriedly sought clarification from Singapore Press Holdings.

It turns out that according to the union, it was told by SPH last Friday that all these job cut news was “speculative reporting”.

Then the purge was announced formally by SPH yesterday, catching the union flat-footed.

The company said it planned to trim its staff by 10 percent over the next 2 years.

CMPU General Secretary Mindy Kwok said:

“When we saw the online news, we immediately engaged the management to seek clarifications. The management shared that it was speculative reporting and gave assurance that they will work closely with the union if there are indeed such plans.”

CMPU says it is “deeply concerned” at the half-hour notice it was given regarding the job cuts.

It says it will work with SPH to work out fair retrenchment packages for its members.

Said CMPU President David Teo:

“Responsible managements should consider and explore all alternative ways of managing their manpower where possible before cutting existing manpower.”



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