Ya Kun Kaya Toast Male Staff Accused of Taking Video of Teen Peeing in the Toilet

A teenager has reported a frightening encounter at Waterway Point shopping mall, in which he claims he was filmed peeing by a Ya Kun Kaya Toast male staff in the toilet.

Yule Han said that he noticed a phone held above the toilet cubicle he was in, and managed to confront the man who was responsible.

He said that no footage of him was found in the man’s phone and believed he could have deleted any recordings.

But Yule said that he “spotted some videos and pictures of other guys which were inside his gallery in a locked album”.

He has since made a police report following the incident.

This is Yule’s account of what happened on Thursday (26 Oct):

“So basically, me and my friend Nicholas went to the toilet after watching a movie at Waterway Point. As the urinals were filled with people, I decided to go to the cubicle, so as my friend Nicholas.

I was urgent to take a piss, so I went to a random cubicle (as anyone would). and did my business. I had a feeling that someone was watching me or felt that my friend Nicholas was disturbing me, hence I kept looking up onto the ceiling to make sure no one was doing anything funny.

As I was about to finish, I looked up again and saw a phone pointing towards me from the top. Then, I immediately hurled out some vulgarities by accident, thinking that it was my friend. But when I came out, it was not my friend. Instead, my friend was in another cubicle, but not beside mine. I then quickly called my friend out. When he came out, I told him what happened, and the guy was still inside the cubicle.

When the ‘dude’ came out, I requested to check his phone but he only showed me some pictures of his recent taken ones, I knew that he deleted them when he was inside. I kinda decided to let go of it as I didn’t want to pursue it further.

However, my friend told me not to let go of it, so we decided to stalk him to his workplace at Ya Kun. When we reached the place, we decided to request to look through his phone.

Now, this was when the fun begin to start.

We spotted some videos and pictures of other guys which were inside his gallery in a locked album, but it could be easily seen from the external part of the album. He started to deny that it wasn’t him and the videos were just there by itself, but his boss couldn’t defend him any further. However, me being a guy with a soft-heart, I decided to not pursue it, although I made a huge mistake.

So, I’m calling everyone out. If you are faced with such incidents, DO NOT HESITATE TO CALL THE POLICE.

I know there are many victims out there and I’m not the only one.”



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