Yishun Aunty who Called the Police for Help gets Arrested Instead


Ah Yishun… there’s a reason it’s called Siao Lang Town.

We’d hazard a guess that most people who call the police for help don’t wind up getting arrested.

But it happens. In Yishun.

44-year-old Mdm Fu claims her 15th-floor neighbour Mdm Lin, knocks on her door at night, sends her disgusting SMSes and throw rubbish at her doorstep.

So she called the cops on her ass.

But 49-year-old Mdm Lin has counter-accused Mdm Fu of Mdm Fu splashing water at her door, which she caught her doing after installing a CCTV camera.

On Sunday (27 Aug), Mdm Fu called the police for help at about 11.45pm.

When police officers got to her flat at Block 162 Yishun St 11, they arrested her.

Police officers say she was behaving in a disorderly manner – being uncooperative and shouting at officers.

Police are investigating the incident.

Meanwhile, Yishun retains its title as Singapore’s Siao Lang Town.



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