Yishun Killing: Shanmugam and Police Accused of Complacency in Preventing Dispute from Escalating


Could the Yishun killing have been prevented with more timely intervention from the authorities?

The family of the man who’s accused of killing 26-year-old Shawn Ignatius Rodrigues says that the issue of Rodrigues’ harassment was raised to MP K Shanmugam two months ago.

However, the Law and Home Affairs Minister has been accused of taking no action to stop Rodrigues.

Rordigues was found tied up and killed last night.

A 20-year-old man has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the killing.

Rodrigues is believed to have fallen in love with the man, and hounded him persistently at his home despite his affections being rejected.

Three days ago, Lawrence Lim publicly aired his grievances over the harassment:

“This is the psycho Shawn Ignatius Rodrigues, ex alter boy who is currently serving his National Service.

He has been stalking us for almost 2 years, damaging our circuit breaker, strangled another female neighbour in the lift, made as many as 25 nuisance calls to my wife & even molested my her in broad daylight & now attacking a frail 75 year old lady.

Tons of police reports were made, he was even brought before the court for mediation but he continues being a menace & danger to the people at Block 279, Yishun Street 22.

We even brought the matter up to K Shanmugam our MP 2 months ago but till today no action is taken against Shawn ! What can we do to rid such an evil person from our society!

If the people who are supposed to protect us cannot even carry out their duties citing procedural limitations, what hope is there then for us !

Do we wait & allow the assailant to do whatever he likes & get away with it ! Where’s the Justice in all of this!”





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