Yishun Pervert Molests 19-Year-Old Teen, then Attacks 10-Year-Old Girl Beside Her

Seeing 2 girls sitting at a void deck, this pervert sensed his chance and struck.

Not content with molesting the older girl, he then laid his hands on the younger one next to her too.

In broad daylight!

The incident took place at Yishun St 11 yesterday at around 8.40am.

The victims are 19-year-old Ah Jie and 10-year-old Ah Mei (names withheld for anonymity).

Ah Jie she was sitting on a stone bench at the void deck with Ah Mei, who is the younger sister of a male friend.

They were waiting for her mother to come downstairs to join them for breakfast.

While they were waiting, Yishun Pervert approached her and offered her cigarette.

“We were sitting on the chair. A man about 40 years old suddenly walked over. He gave me a cigarette and asked if I wanted to smoke.”

She rejected him, but instead of leaving, Yishun Pervert sat down next to her.

Before she knew it, he had wrapped an arm around her waist and grabbed her right breast.

Ah Jie pushed Yishun Pervert away and shouted at him to get lost.

But, he then turned his affection to Ah Mei, stroking her hair and touching her shoulder.

All the while, Ah Jie said that Ah Mei appeared very uncomfortable.

She gave Ah Mei a slight kick, as an indication that they should leave quickly.

The two girls then ran for the lift, intending to head home to escape Yishun Pervert.

Just as the lift doors were about to close, Yishun Pervert stuck his hand inside and blocked them from shutting.

He then got into the lift with the girls.

That’s when he ran his hand down Ah Jie’s arm and waist and said:

“I give you S$50, can you let me see your private parts?”

When the lift doors opened, Ah Jie shouted to Ah Mei to run home, leaving her alone to fend off the sex predator.

Fortunately, Ah Jie’s male friend appeared shortly after.

Seeing him, Yishun pervert ran away.

The case is being investigated.



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