Young Jokers on a Joyride at East Coast Park get Car Trapped on the Beach


With their car stuck in the sand, a group of 5 youths who went on a joyride at East Coast Park didn’t know what to do and started to get kan cheong.

So, they did what most others would in such a scenario – zham the accelerator and hope for the best.

Didn’t work, as you can see.

Eyewitness Ashok Sharma, who witnessed the sight on Friday (31 Mar) said:

“7.30 am this morning along the beach off the ECP. 4 hours later I’m still figuring out how he got the car there. Intend to dedicate tomorrow to understand why he got there.”

In the end, a tow truck operator uncle had to go bail the youngsters out.

He said:

“They drove there, then saw that the gate to the beach wasn’t locked so they drove in. But it rained earlier in the morning so the sand was wet. When they stepped on the accelerator, the tyres drove deeper into the sand and got stuck.”

The youths reportedly went to East Coast Park for a night of drinking, chit-chatting and star-gazing.



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