A Tumble Later, Boy’s Arm Snapped Off by Moving Escalator!

A one-year-old boy’s arm was badly mutilated and might need to be amputated, after an accident on the escalator.

While his parents were resting on a shopping mall bench, the boy ran off and started playing on the escalator.

But the accident happened when he ran up an escalator going in the upwards direction, and fell down.

The boy’s arm got trapped in between between the plates of the escalator.

The escalator snapped his arm as it continued to move.

An eyewitness says the boy could have been playing with a ball, and fell down when he was trying to pick it up.

Fortunately for the infant, another eyewitness quickly pressed the emergency button, stopping the escalator from moving further.

Firefighters who arrived st scene managed to prise the boy free, but while he kept his life, his left arm has been described as “basically destroyed.”

This incident happened in China’s Wuzhou city, just days after another horrific escalator accident in Jinzhou which saw a woman swallowed up and crushed to death by escalator plates.

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