Chinese Kid Allowed to Shit Outside Burberry Outlet Store When Toilet’s Just Metres Away

We’ve seen this happen at MRT stations here, but the Brits got a taste of it right in front of an attas fashion store!

And naturally, they’re not very happy with the shit that’s gone down.

This kid was snapped taking a dump right outside a Burberry’s outlet at Bicester Village – an outlet shopping centre in Oxfordshire near London which is very popular with tourists.

Cradled by his grandmother, the kid proceeded to do the dirty, even as people walked past.

What’s worse, the public toilet was only a few metres away – which has left many confused as to “why do it here and not there?”

Bicester Village is a common stop on most tours for China tourists headed to London.

27 percent of Chinese visitors rank it as their favourite shopping destination, according to a 2013 survey.

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