Mom Throws Son to Safety but is Swallowed Up and Crushed to Death by Escalator


A mother’s love knows no bounds indeed.

Faced with impending death, this mother shoved her son to safety with one final push, just before she is swallowed up and crushed to death by an escalator.

The mother and son were riding up the escalator, when the floor panel collapsed all of a sudden once they had reached the top.

Despite the efforts of the staff, they were unable to pull the mother to safety.

The horrific incident happened at the Shashi Anliang department store in Jinzhou, China.

It is not the first time in recent times that a faulty escalator has claimed someone’s life.

Earlier this year, six-year-old Nurhayada Sofia died at a shopping centre in Malaysia when she fell five floors having being dragged over the edge by an escalator.

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