[VIDEO] Angry Woman Sets Fire to Cheating Boyfriend’s Crotch!

This story won’t go down well with Singaporean men, especially if the wrong people (i,e their wives and girlfriends) read it – it might give them ideas for vengeance, especially if you’re the cheating sort.

This cheating boyfriend probably didn’t break out into “Baby you’re a firework…” when he woke up to find his crotch on fire, courtesy of his girlfriend.

After finding out that he had slept with a colleague of hers, the angry woman snuck up on him, poured nail polish over the groin area of his underwear, then set it ablaze! (Do note, people usually burn in hell for such acts of wanton destruction, together with cheating spouses.)

The best part is, she did that single-handedly – because her other hand was holding a camera and filming the whole episode!

Cheating partner wakes up after a second or so and grasps his nutsack, howling in pain.

Still, she shows no compassion, saying:

‘You cheating on me with my fuckinging co-worker, you didn’t think I was gonna find out? ‘Get your shit and get the fuck out!’

The man in the video hasn’t been identified, but we wouldn’t be surprised if his last name was Cockburn.

Singaporean men prone to infidelity, you’ve been warned.

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