[VIDEO] The Condom Challenge: Teens Find a New Way to Kill Themselves


Fill a condom with water.

Drop it on your head.

Let it stick to your face, with water still inside.

Repeat, this time with a friend recording you do it.

Upload online for the world to witness your further descent into stupidity.

That’s the new method which teens have devised in the name of fun which could potentially kill them.

Why is this new game potentially lethal?

Because unlike water balloons, condom are meant to stretch to give a tight fit over a, erm, surface.

Which means you can drown when it’s covering your head and filled with water.

The Condom Challenge first started back in 2013, but has only taken off now.

The good thing about this game is children could be more forthcoming when contraceptives are used up, which is good for Singapore’s birth rate.

The bad thing is whether couples will survive to make babies.

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