Sports Hub Blames Indoor Stadium Roof Leak during Tennis Match Semis on “Heavy Rainfall”

It’s one thing to have a leaky roof, it’s an even more sinful thing to have it rain on tennis chio bu Martina Hingis.

But that’s what happened at the Singapore Indoor Stadium Saturday during a tennis doubles match Hingis and Sania Mirza, and their opponents Ekaterina Makarova and Elena Vesnina.

Fortunately the leak wasn’t too serious and the game was able to continue.

The Singapore Sports Hub has blamed the roof leak on heavy rain.

“Due to heavy rainfall, water found its way from the roof onto the field of play at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.”

“Measures taken since previous tournaments include resealing affected roof joints and adding additional membranes; reinforcement activity was also carried out prior to and during the current tournament.

“These have proven effective until we encountered the storm yesterday.

“We will be conducting a thorough investigation into the matter and working with the relevant parties to assess next steps in ensuring the viability and integrity of the roof at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, which has been a national icon since 1989.”

The Sports Hub management has faced much condemnation from the public regarding the shabby state of the facilities at the indoor stadium and the national stadium.

In September, furious Jay Chou fans demanded a refund because of the abysmal state of the sound system during his concert here.

Back in Oct 2014, the management team came under fire for the poor state of the “world class” multi-million-dollar pitch when Singapore played Brazil in a friendly match.




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