10 “Unhealthy” Foods which are Actually Good for You


These food items have received so much bad press that you’d think eating them will kill you.

But that isn’t truly the case, says nutritionist and cookbook author Sarah Flower.

Let’s see how she dispels the myths behind these top 10 “unhealthy” foods, and shows you instead how they can be good for your body!



Too much can make you jittery, upset your digestion leaving you with gas, IBS and can have a laxative effect, gives you bad breath and can increase your stress and anxiety levels.However, coffee in moderation has also been shown to improve brain health, aid weight loss, enhance performance and has even been shown in some studies to protect you against Alzheimer’s and dementia.


A starchy food that converts to glucose raising your blood sugar but did you know it was also packed with additional nutrients. One medium potato can provide you with up to 50 per cent of your daily vitamin C, 30 per cent of your B6 and 25 per cent of your potassium requirements. It also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, B vitamins and zinc. New potatoes have a much lower GI (glycaemic index) than old potatoes so opt for them if you are watching your weight or try using antioxidant rich sweet potatoes!


Scared of salmonella and high fat foods? Shake off these misconceptions and dust off your egg poacher, it’s time to embrace eggs. High in protein and good fats, they keep you fuller for longer. Ditch the breakfast cereals, this is essential breakfast food for those who want to lose weight.

Peanut Butter

Too high in fat? Ignore this as fat does not make you fat. Peanuts of packed with protein, magnesium, potassium, vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fibre. Choose your peanut butter wisely, cheap varieties contain sugar and other added extras. All you need is peanuts on your ingredient list! Meridian are a good choice.

Canned beans

Canned beans can be higher in sodium from the liquid they are stored in, so choose wisely and read the labels. They are however a fantastic protein and fibre source helping to keep your bowel in tip top condition. They they are also cheap and help bulk a meal.


We are not talking about the processed, sugar laden stuff, but homemade popcorn. A brilliant, inexpensive and low calorie snack for everyone. Add your own flavourings and you won’t ever buy the processed versions again. You can pop these in a saucepan (with lid) or a microwave. The popcorn is ready in minutes and children will love helping you make them. If you have a sweet tooth but don’t want sugar, add some grated dark chocolate whilst warm before leaving to set – a fantastic treat.

Whole Milk

We have had it drummed into us since the early 1990’s that fat is bad. While we have all been ditching the fat and replacing it with refined carbs we have been getting fatter. Whole milk is good for you and contains more nutrients than skimmed or semi-skimmed milk. It won’t make you fat but it will fill you up making you want to snack less. Best of all its in its natural whole state – something your body loves!


The problem with yoghurt isn’t actually the yoghurt but the multitude of extras the food manufacturers add to them – like sugar! Replace low fat, sugary yoghurts with full fat natural and Greek yoghurt. You will benefit from the natural probiotics as well as no sugar or additives. Eat this with some fresh fruits or your own fruit compote. Delicious!


There is no getting away from the fact that we consume too much salt, but that is primarily from processed foods. Switch to home cooking and you will reduce your salt intake. Switch to Himalayan crystal salt, which is unrefined, and this contains 84 minerals (compared to just 4 minerals for table salt).

Coconut Oil

Unless you have been living under a stone, you can’t fail to hear about Coconut oil – but it’s a saturated fat! Well, it’s a medium chain fatty acid which is easily digested and converted into the fat burning ketones we love. Embrace it has it has been shown to have huge health benefits from boosting the immune system to aiding weight loss. Versatile and delicious and no, it doesn’t leave your food tasting of coconut!

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