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More than 120,000 Followers of Straits Times’ Twitter Page are Fake?

CAMDEN SEOW: Has the Straits Times been buying fake followers on Twitter? It appears that more than 120,000 of the Singapore state media’s followers are fake, according to this new online Twitter application, Twitter Audit.



The application samples 5000 random Twitter followers of a user, then calculates and assigns the user a score. The score is based on:

-number of tweets

-date of the last tweet

-ratio of followers to friends


That’s how Twitter Audit determines whether the number of followers for each user is real, or fake.


Surprisingly, the People’s Action Party scored 37% on the Twitter Audit, despite it supposedly enjoying a majority 60% support amongst the Singapore population. More than 8000 of its followers were found to be false.




I’m not too sure how accurate Twitter Audit is. But shouldn’t the onus be on the Straits Times to assure its advertisers and sponsors that this isn’t the true picture?


And as for the dear PAP, if this isn’t true, it’s time to sue! Just don’t shoot the messenger.

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