2 Million Singaporeans Have Faith in PM Lee’s Rule?

ANDY LEE: I was one of the 200 people at the rally to protest Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong’s leadership of Singapore. I must say it was very disheartening to attend that rally, because it shows that either a majority of Singaporeans support our prime minister and his policies which oppress us, or many just don’t care that they are being oppressed. Or even worse, many are afraid to lash out against their oppressor.


About 2 million Singaporeans voted in the last General Election. Even though our voices online are many, and very cutting in our criticism of Prime Minister Lee, it seems that very few actually turn up physically to support the cause. Very disappointing indeed!


We appear to care more about bread and butter issues, and even gender issues. More than 20,000 people turned up for Pink Dot, an event designed to promote LGBT love. Supposedly, 6000 people turned up for the Return our CPF rally.


But think about it, leadership is key regarding these issues, and the buck stops at our Prime Minister. He sets the direction for policy and he approves the policies (our President, Tony Tan Keng Yam is just a rubber stamp).


If we want to chart a new direction for Singapore, promote a freer society which cares socially and economically for its citizens, we should make sure that our leadership is sound. That begins with making sure that our head, the Prime Minister, is someone who will promote such a brave, new Singapore.

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