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37 “Spidermen” Caught for Dodging Malaysia Checkpoint Under JB Cops’ Noses

Remember our story on “Spidermen” bypassing Malaysian customs to avoid the Causeway jam during peak hours?

Authorities in Johor have finally caught up, and arrested 36 Malaysians and 1 Singaporean for using the illegal route.

They were previously unaware of the incidence, despite it occurring just across the road from the JB Police Headquarters, supposedly for years now.

The illegal queue dodgers would walking along the large pipes on the side of a rail line from Lido Beach along the Straits of Johor to avoid the traffic jam at the Malaysia checkpoint, then climb back up to the main road to pass through the Singapore checkpoint.

Apparently, Singapore authorities weren’t aware of this incidence either until media reports emerged highlighting the unlawful crossing!

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