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5 Similarities betwen a PAP Rally and a 7th Month Wayang

Ok, so getai performances this Hungry Ghost month will not be allowed during, before or after election rallies, say the cops. But this is probably a warning shot to the opposition rather than the ruling party, because from the looks of it, the police will be hard-pressed to tell the difference between a PAP rally and a wayang. Here’s why:

(1) Usually pretty empty (especially the front 2 rows)


PAP rally


Workers’ Party rally

(2) Main crowd: uncles and aunties (by the busloads, got free makan even better)

(3) Sometimes along the way can see ghosts

(who is Dr Koh Poh Koon waving to?)

And (horrors) Xiaxue makes her appearance!

(4) Anyhow disturb sure jialat

redwire singapore roy ngerng pm lee
(5) Then there’s always the wayang

And sometimes the performers leave the way they came…



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