5 Tips for Tam Jiak People to Eat Your Money’s Worth at that All-You-Can-Makan Buffet

Christmas is coming, and so is New Year’s Day 2017.

So don’t bedeh that you won’t be gorging on more than the usual.

Some luckier ones (or more tam jiak ones) will even be lucky enough to go for buffet.

Here’s some tips on how to get your money’s worth.

You know, because S$60 a person is can buy you 20 plates of chicken rice lor.

(1) Don’t skip breakfast and lunch

If you’re going for a dinner buffet, don’t skip breakfast and lunch! Your body might find that it cannot tahan the shock of sudden makan overload. Instead, have light meals of carbohydrates such as rice or bread during the day.

(2) Go at lunch time, and bring a tablet

Most of the food is the same, but it’s cheaper. So, might as well pay less and eat to your heart’s content right? Bring a book too, because usually buffets are open for about 3 hours. After the 1st hour of makan, what are you going to do? Play handphone lah. But bring a tablet, because bigger screen more shiok.

(3) Use Your Toilet Breaks Wisely

Want more to go in? Then some must go out first lah. Do your business before the big buffet so that your system is clear and eager to go. And if you’re the kind that wants to really stay for 3 hours and pack it in, then take a break mid-way and use the toilet again. It’s unglam, but you can always say you went for a smoke break (if you’re not a smoker, then too bad lah).

(4) Drink tea, don’t lim jiu

Beer is made up of grains like wheat. That means it makes you full, like rice does. So if you’re going for a buffet and they offer free-flow beer for a small-top up, don’t take it! Those cunning restauranteurs know the more you lim jiu, the less you can eat.

(5) Prepare pants and pills

Elastic pants are a god-send to buffet lovers. You know that feeling, when you eat so much you can’t breathe. That’s your button trousers giving you the middle finger. Screw that, wear elastic pants. And, bring antacid pills that will help you digest food better.

We’re not going to ask you not to over-eat – we KNOW you’re going to over-eat, or at least die trying.

So good luck and happy holiday feasting!



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