6 Top-Class Excuses Transport Authorities Gave for MRT Disruptions and Breakdowns


Possibly faster than you can say “hara kiri lah, knnbccb”, transport authorities blamed a “software problem” for today’s peak hour train disruptio

Oh yeah, not the first time software has been blamed hor.

Strangely, while authorities report increasing satisfaction with public transport, the Transport Ministry has also reported that major train breakdowns have doubled since 5 years ago.

Not to mention, commuters we spoke to say that fear train disruptions almost every other day.

But we’re not here to look at train breakdowns.

Rather, the reasons given for the breakdowns given by transport authorities, whether it’s the Transport Ministry, SMRT or SBS Transit.

Here’s 6 top-class excuses we’ve heard so far:

(1) You


Of course it’s you, the commuter, lah.

Why did SMRT and the LTA cover-up the whole “send defective trains back to China in the still of the night” saga? Because you would have cow beh cow bu until the cows come home, according to Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan.

Oh yeah hor, and you better start paying more for public transport fares otherwise the system won’t be “viable” for much longer.

(2) Everyone Else

If it’s not you, then it must be them – the staff!

Otherwise who? When the train at Pasir Ris station killed 2 young MRT technicians, it’s a staff problem because they didn’t follow safety procedures.

But overall, it’s… still the staff’s fault lah – you know, “deep-seated cultural issues” that our top-class top management needs to “root out” despite being given 5 years at the helm now.

(3) Lightning God


Yeah, it’s Zeus’ fault too if something bad happens, like this time lightning was blamed for causing a disruption of the Norht-South Line service… while Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan was celebrating the 200th day milestone of the Downtown Line functioning without any major disruption!

(4) Rain God


Did you think the Rain God would escape blame despite not causing sending more than usual rainfall on the day of the first-ever MRT flooding in Singapore’s history?

Then you’re wrong – the Rain God should have sent rain a few days later.

Because, as Transport Minister Khaw said, a decision had been made to replace the MRT pump system days before the monumental flooding.

But it’s bad luck and “that’s life” that the Rain God is one b*stard when it comes to picking the wrong time to send rain,.

(5) Balloons


One balloon.

Saying more would be embarrassing. Read here for youself.

(6) Reporters

In a “you think you’re so smart then you come and do lah, if not don’t cow beh” jibe at the media (not his actual words, but meaning sama sama), Transport Minister Khaw said the media has over-played the whole “trains breaking down” issue.

Naturally, state media replied with a verbal middle finger, but were polite enough not to counter with a front page hara kiri meme.


Now you wonder why even snake also don’t dare take the train if it had a choy!



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