7 Children and 18 Grandchildren, but 80-Year-Old Ah Ma Sleeps on the Streets of Chinatown


Mdm Tan is neatly dressed, carries a clutch bag and pushes a trolley.

From appearances, it’d be hard to tell that this 80-year-old ah ma sleeps on the streets of Chinatown – most would think she’s just lepak0ing there to while away the time.

Mdm Tan usually sleeps on a stone bench in front of the CK department store in the area.

This, despite having 7 children and 18 grand-children.

Speaking in Hokkien (the only language she knows), Mdm Tan said that she used to run a kway teow noodle stall in the Orchard Road area.

But her husband, who’s 20 years older than her, passed away 11 years ago.

She sleeps on the street as she is not on good terms with her children.

“It’s uncomfortable and I can’t even lie down and sleep so I just sit down and slowly fall asleep. I only hope now that someone can help me find a place to stay.”

Mdm Tan says she has no money, and her handphone is always running out of battery.

But, she says she’s lucky that there are people who give her 3 meals a day for sustenance.


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