Ah Loong Returns: Prime Minister Resumes National Day Rally Speech after Collapse Scare

“Thank you for waiting, I gave everybody a scare.”

Indeed, Prime Minister Lee shocked audiences at home and at ITE College Central when he collapsed midway thorugh his National Day Rally speech.”

However, it appears he is fine and has resumed his speech to a standing ovation from the audience.

At about 9.20pm, PM Lee appeared to have lost balance while speaking about changes to the elected presidency.

He was visibly unwell – his speech slurred and his face contorted.

That incident led to the temporary suspension of the rally, as a medical team tended to PM Lee.


There were fears that the prime minister could have suffered a stroke, just as Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat did 3 months earlier during a Cabinet meeting.

However, the Prime Minister’s Office has announced that PM Lee’s heart is fine and that he did not have a stroke.

The PMO said that PM Lee was feeling unsteady because of “prolonged standing, heat and dehydration”.



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