“Alamak, Kena Conned by Sheng Siong…” Where’s the Promotion in this Pricing?

KEV: Quick, it’s time to get your coconut juice fix! Spotted this super duper promotion price label from a Sheng Siong store outlet. You pay just S$21.60 for 24 cans of Yeo’s 500ml coconut juice. That works out to just S$0.90 for one 500ml can. How’s that for a discount! Oh wait, there’s no discount. Original price IS S$0.90.

Alamak kena conned by Sheng Siong. Funny how when it comes to Yeo’s beverages, companies can get their labels so wrong, just like how BreadTalk made that huge gabra (mistake) with their “freshly-prepared” bottle labels. How can Sheng Siong “mislead” customers like that? Let’s just give them the benefit of the doubt and call it an honest mistake, shall we?

But anyway, if you’re planning to buy any “promotional” items from supermarkets such as Sheng Siong or NTUC or wherever else, make sure you do your quick calculations first before saying “wah, cheap cheap must buy”!


Thanks Kev for this letter.
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