All Four Lifts at 40-Floor Dover HDB Flat Breakdown, Resident Planned to Climb 38-Storeys Home

A mix of frustration, exasperation and amusement for residents of Block 28B Dover Crescent this afternoon.

All 4 lifts at the block of HDB flats had broken down due to a loss of power, and residents didn’t know whether to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the situation, or get mad at how they wouldn’t be able to get home.

One resident even mentioned that he planned to climb all 38 floors to his apartment unit.

The breakdown took place at about 12.40pm, and fortunately for residents, power was restored an hour later.

There were fears before the power came back on that this would be a repeat of a similar incident in Woodlands.

In that incident, 3 lifts at the 30-storey block of flats stopped working – 2 from morning till night, and the last one from evening till night.

Residents were peevedas to why lift maintenance workers didn’t respond promptly to fix the first two lifts so that they could be used when the last lift subsequently malfunctioned.



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