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Amos Yee: “My Bailor Molested Me”

Just a day after his conviction, Amos Yee has cried out on social media that his bailor, Vincent Law, molested him.

The 16-year-old said this in a post on Facebook, where he indicated he would like to speak to the media.

“I’ll even reveal that little tidbit of information on how my ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested me.”

Amos Yee was arrested on 31 March, after he uploaded a video on YouTube which insulted the late Lee Kuan Yew, and Christians.

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He was arrested on 14 April for violating bail terms, before Vincent Law posted bail for Yee on 21 April.

The 51-year-old is a family and youth counsellor.

Law said at that time that he wanted to show that as a Christian, he was not offended by Amos Yee’s video.

Law did not post bail a second time, when Yee flouted bail conditions saying that Yee refused to abide by the bail conditions.

There has been no response from Law so far regarding the molest accusations.

Yee has been convicted for making offensive or wounding remarks against Christianity, and for circulating obscene imagery.

His father has posted bail for him, as he awaits sentencing on 2 June.

The prohibition for him to post online has been lifted.

This latest allegation by Yee comes after he accused his father of abusing him when he was a child.

IYee had said that he wanted his mother file for divorce from the “killer” or “bastard” – terms which he uses to refer to his father.
This is Amos Yee’s Facebook post on the alleged molest:

“Last night, and even today morning at around 11am, reportors gathered at my doorstep, wanting some exclusive interviews and some photos.

I told them to fuck off.

But then after awhile, I started to contemplate, is this really…. The right approach in dealing with the mass media? And then I realized… no… it isn’t. It really isn’t.

And I have to admit, though you all might be tabloid creating cunts….. you are diligent, and I have to say… I admire that.
So you know what… Fine.. Fuck it! I concede to your requests, fuck what Roy Ngerng says, you are the mainstream media, you have the responsibility towards the general public to provide news, you deserve information, and regardless of the risk that you guys will misquote me, you deserve the truth.

Therefore, today I have arranged a little meeting with a fellow visual artist I managed to converse with on Facebook, a humble fellow by the name of Dick Ow. And am to meet him at his residence in Pasir Panjang, at 7pm. I am heading to his house to collaborate with him on a few videos, would possibly have a sleepover.

I currently just finished my lunch at Brownice and am heading to Red Hill to run a few video game errands, so I’ll reach Pasir Panjang Mrt at around say… 3-4pm?

And if all you catch me as I go out of the Pasir Panjang MRT station, we’ll collaborate and find a little miscellaneous area, where we can all gather together, and I’ll clear the air and answer everyone of your queries: What happened in Prison, what my future plans are to fuck with the Government, I’ll even reveal that little tidbit of information on how my ex-bailor, Vincent Law, molested me.

I am reeling in excitement for our meeting, my fellow mass-media friends, I hope to see you there.”


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