Amos Yee: Who is this Angry Pre-Pubescent Bunny Who’s Mouthing Off at LKY and Jesus?

Barely into puberty, 16-year-old Amos Yee is now facing 3 criminal charges.

He’s also been whacked left, right and centre by many on the internet, for his condemnation of the late Lee Kuan Yew, and for mocking Christianity and Christians.

One fella even threatened to cut his “kuku”.

But how did this once cuddly little bunny turn into this, and does he deserve the amount of abuse he’s been receiving?

Let’s take a walk down Yee-history.

Amos first shot to fame (fine, relative fame) when he won the Best Actor and Best Short Film awards at The New Paper’s FiRST Film Fest for indie filmmakers.

The Zhonghua Secondary School student was just 13 years old, and he shot and acted in his own short film.

Amos then played a bit part in Jack Neo’s “We Not Naughty” (heh, and Jack Neo quietly tried to distance himself this time round).

Instead of being grateful for the exposure, the boy ranted off and criticised the movie at a press conference:

“Do you realised that the film has a lot of fade in and jumps from scenes over and over and over again,” the Zhonghua Secondary School student said and added, “That is confusing.”

That’s not all.

On the development of the characters in the movie, he said, “You can do it at the beginning but it goes on for the entire film.”

“And that bothers me,” he revealed, “and my whole family agrees that it’s freaking messy.”

About a year later, he made this video insulting Chinese for “copying American New Year” by celebrating Chinese New Year.

Many Singaporeans were critical of the film, but he brushed off the backlash, calling the video an “intelligent joke”.

Amos has gone on to make more videos – amongst them, videos that attacked religion and Christianity.

In one of those videos, he points to the sky (or the HDB flat ceiling) and says a loud “F*ck you” to god.

Obviously a very vocal child, who grew into an even more vocal teenager.

But for all Amos’ angry rants, is there a need to make him a criminal?

That’s up to the courts to decide.

In Singapore, you can’t just mouth off about issues on religion in an offensive manner.

Call it repressive, but that’s the rules of the game that we’ve known for a long time now.

Anybody who does otherwise would be tempting fate, and the government.

We think the now 16-year-old should have been spanked by Papa a long time ago.

On both cheeks.

It’s not too late to start.

But to ruin a boy’s future because of his current immaturity?

Please don’t lah, gahmen, not when the boy has barely hit puberty.

Just give Papa a cane and some ear plugs.

Sometimes, the compassionate approach might be the better route.

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