Amos Yee’s Mom’s Heartbreaking Apology: “Sorry Son. Mummy is Wrong.”

As Amos Yee spends his second week in the Institute of Mental Health, his mother, Mary Toh, has posted a gut-wrenching post on Facebook, apologising for her supposed misdeeds.

This comes after the 16-year-old was removed from Changi Prison and sent to the mental hospital following a doctor’s report that he might be suffering from autism-spectrum disorder.

The doctor was inspecting Amos to determine whether he was suitable to be sent for reformative training – punishment recommended by prosecutors after he was found guilty of circulating obscene imagery, and wounding religious feelings in a March video criticising Lee Kuan Yew and Christianity.

This is Mdm Mary Toh’s Facebook post in full:

“Sorry Son.
Sorry for telling you that you are in the safest country. You are feeling so insecure and scared now.
Sorry for urging you to be a law-abiding citizen. The laws are doing you more harm than good now.
Sorry for assuring you that you will be well-protected. You are being threatened and ill-treated now.
Sorry for saying that our government provides us the best welfare. You are not even allowed to sleep at home now.
Sorry for telling you that home is best. It is where you were arrested from.
Sorry for encouraging you to be creative and expressive. You are regarded as crazy and rebellious instead.
Sorry for not teaching you well. You could have been taught otherwise.
Sorry Son. Mummy is wrong.”

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