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Ang Moh Divorcee Splits EVERYTHING Half-Half with “Cheating” Wife – Even Teddy!

Divorce isn’t funny at all, but the lengths some people will go to, to settle their divorce can be simply gut-wrenching and hilarious all at once.

Like this German chap, who decided that splitting all their common property 50-50 meant he should literally halve everything!

Possibly as a slight to his ex-wife, who he suggests of cheating, the ang moh split everything down the middle – including items such as an iPhone, laptop, chairs, and even the damn teddy bear!

He’s put all his halves up for auction on eBay, with these descriptions included, just to be funny.

“The car is quite well preserved for its age, but there are some signs of wear. In particular, half is missing”

“In my opinion, this conversion is the perfect solution for users who want to save space, but can not afford a MacBook Air”

“The wheel moves despite minor limitations, and the front brake engages perfectly”

“Unlike my ex-wife, I cannot say anything bad about the bed, really, have always slept well in it”

“It’s the perfect phone for people who do not like to make calls”

“There’s no need for cuddling stuffed animals – for such things, there are affectionate co-workers”

“In recent years, I’ve spent many beautiful evenings on this sofa with my woman. She did not find the evenings so beautiful, which is why my ex-wife now sits on another couch”


“It is considerably smaller and more manageable. In addition, you will finally be at peace with this phone: It is guaranteed not to ring and vibrate and will not play music”


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