Ang Moh Forcefully Performed Oral Sex on Woman in Public during New Year Celebrations

Ladies here who travel to Thailand to douse themselves in the fun of the Songkran festival, or Thai New Year celebrations, be warned – getting intoxicated amongst the horde of revellers isn’t a good idea.

One such intoxicated 20-year-old in Pattaya was too drunk to even know that an American man was pressing on her and forcefully performing oral sex on her.

49-year-old Ben Bartanyi just walked up to her while she was leaning against a metal railing and, well, lunged for her nether regions and got his jaw moving.

The woman was too drunk to know what exactly was going on.

Fortunately for her, another woman sprayed Bartanyi with water and chased him away.

The drunk lady, who’s reportedly a bar girl, later made a police report after coming to her senses.

Bartanyi has been arrested and charged with indecent behaviour in public.

He has apologised for his actions.

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