Ang Moh Riding E-Scooter in the Middle of the Road during Peak Hour Flips when Driver Approaches Him

GHAZALI SADIP: A Caucasian man riding his motorised skateboard during morning peak hour traffic along the busy and narrow Tiong Bahru Road, causing traffic build up. Not to mention endangering not only his own life but other motorists.

He got irritated when I honk at him, while I keep a safe distance at all times, and then challenged me. He claimed that it is legal for him to be on the road! What an idiot!

Even after I stopped and advised him to get off the road for his own safety, he argued with me as if he has this heightened sense of entitlement and told me off that I was the one who is endangering his life and that it is legal and he has every right to be on the road!



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