Angry Foreign Student Accuses Taxi Uncle of Taking Him on Merry-Go-Round for Double-Price Taxi Fare

ANGRY RIDER: Yesterday I took a taxi from Geylang Lor 28 to 149 Sims Drive. The taxi number is SHC375xx. The journey in total is 2km, but the driver covered 6.5km. I told 3 times during the journey that he was going the wrong way. Then I told him again the place is at 149 Sims Drive (where James Cook University is located).

Then he said he didn’t understand, asked me to write it out for him. The driver is Chinese, and I know my pronunciation is not wrong. He told me next time when I tell the location don’t speak English because I mispronounced the name of the place.

It should be pronounced as 149 Sims “Ruai-v”, he really said that.

Whenever I tell the taxi driver, I always pronounce the place the same way and others understand me. That’s why I’m so angry. I came to Singapore to study English, not Singlish.

In the end, I paid S$11.25 when usually I only pay about S$5 for the same trip.

I have always pronounced the location the same way so I don’t know how come this driver can’t understand me and take me on a big merry-go-round.

It’s not so much about the money – when I entered the taxi I told the driver I’m about to be late, and it turned out I really came late!


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