Angry Lass: You’re Not Man Enough If You Want Your Wife to be “Submissive”

Submission is “slavery”. Not sharing the housework is “treating your wife like a dog”. Jerald Lie’s tale describing his marriage has been met with angry reactions from some who consider him a male chauvinist.

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Some have even condemned Jerald for violating human rights and the rights of women.

A fuming Solipsistic Faith has this to say:

“This man simply left me speechless.

Jerald this is year 2016. Why is your mindset stuck in some medieval period? I don’t suppose you even know that women used to call the shots as early a the stone age period do you? I love to cook but this has nothing to do with my mother or father. I will submit only papers to my masters thesis. I pray to God because I am close to God. My powers are not defined by whether my hubby thinks I’m well behaved like a puppy or slog in the house like a maid. The last time i checked, respect is to be earned, not demanded. You want respect? You better bloody earn that. I feel sad for you that you actually think submitting to you is respect. I was the student who asked the most questions during my school days, and I was the only one my mentor officially acknowledges as his disciple until this day, because I am inquisitive, and I dare to step out of the box that you put your wife in.

Submit your silang tau lah. Do you pat your wife on the head for submitting to you? Sure, go flaunt your marriage bliss, but do not fling mud at the rest of the female community just because of your misplaced sense of pride and ego, poor understanding of key human rights and misguided grasp of what respect means. My husband is a good man not because of what his wife is, but because of who he is. And I am a good woman not because I can cook. And my parents are good parents not because I can cook.

You know what makes my husband proud as a husband? That he is able to support my dreams and passion wholeheartedly, and let me be the stuck-up bossy woman I am. He is proud that I do not hold my tongue when I see the need to. He is proud that I live carefreely like a princess if I want to, or cook up a storm if I want to. He is proud that he, as a man, is man enough to be proud of his wife’s achievements, and man enough to go into the kitchen whenever the need arises. He is also brightly aware that men and women are equal in more ways than you would dare to imagine. He will be sorely upset should he ever know that I submit to him like a puppy submit to his owner. Because he knows, as much as we are vowed to a lifelong commitment, we are two individuals who chose to be with each other, through thicks and thins, not because the wife should submit.”


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